We are responsible for protecting your personal data that relates to you, your transactions, your products or your services. This goes for our customers, suppliers and business partners.
You can find our contact information here: 

Friis-Holm Chokolade / Hansen Chokolade ApS
Kattingevej 18
4000 Roskilde
CVR: 43843443

It is not a demand, that our company has an external DPO (Data Protection Officer), so if you have questions in regards to our protection of your data please get in contact with us at: 


General processing principles

We will process personal data in a legal, reasonable and transparent manner. As the data responsible, we do have the following data privacy activities: 

Website visits:

When you visit our website, we do collect cookies in order to get the website to work. You can read more about this in our cookie politics.

Communication with potential customers:

If you have questions to our site or would like to hear more about our products, please contact us via:

  • Email
  • Phone

Through those sources of communication, we will be able to have a dialog about the questions you might have. We will only be able to store the information about you that you choose to share with us. The data which we usually store is: name, email, phone number and address. 

Our approval to store this private data is from 'Databeskyttelsesforordningens artikel 6, stk. 1 litra f.'. 


We need to save communication with our customers so we ensure, that the product or service we deliver is correct. The data we store would be name, address, services, special agreements, methods of payment etc. 

Our approval to store this private data is from 'Databeskyttelsesforordningens artikel 6, stk. 1 litra f.'. 


We do have a newsletter, which you can sign up to. And you can always cancel your subscription again at any given time. The purpose of our newsletter is to send information about the company which could be about new or existing products, our production etc. 

We will only send you emails if you have given us the permission to do so. You give us permission by signing up on our website in the field assigned to newsletter signups.

Our approval to store this private data is from 'Databeskyttelsesforordningens artikel 6, stk. 1 litra f.'. 

We will collect your personal data (name and email) for the newsletter for as long as you have signed up. If you wish to resign from the list, we delete your data immediately. 

Withdraw your personal data

When our access to your personal data is based on your approval, you can at any given time withdraw your approval. 

Complaints to Datatilsynet

You have the right to complain to Datatilsynet, if you are not satisfied with the way we collect and store your personal data. You can read more here:
Carl Jacobsens Vej 35
2500 Valby
Phone: +45 3319 3200