Friis-Holm Chocolate is founded on a strong connection between quality and ethics. The goal for us is to deliver an outstanding culinary quality but the road to that goal leads through the people involved in the process.

Since 2007, we have been working in close relation to cacao growers and have seen the clear proportional connection between production conditions and the quality of the beans. In general, the growing of cacao is a sad story of both unfair conditions and poor quality, but this is no law of nature.

Direct trade

The quality of the raw cacao fruit is essential for the overall expression of good chocolate. We deal with our cacao growers directly, and are deeply involved in the selection of genetics, the fermentation and handling of the raw cacao to achieve the maximum depth, complexity, intensity and consistency in the final product.

To us, good cacao has a lot of nuances of taste, that should transfer to the chocolate. We are partners in developing some of the finest cacao beans in the world.

Our beans are bought from individual, independent cacao farmers with operations ranging from small plots to large plantations, and often with the help of local representatives and bean projects. The selection of the beans is always based on meticulous research and happens through direct contact and cooperation with the growers. This provides us with superior control of the quality that we seek - all the way from bean to bar.

To ensure quality and propriety in our way of doing business, we pay far more than the market price and significantly more than the Fairtrade buyers. The price reflects the workmanship and the quality control we get.

Kakao produktion

In our world of chocolate, price and quality are strongly connected, and we believe a fair price, a high benchmark for quality control, and building strong relations with all our suppliers is the right way to do business.