About us

Friis-Holm Chocolate is founded by Mikkel Friis-Holm, a Danish chef, who founded the company from a desire to become one of the top 3 chocolate makers in the world with his mission; best in the world, best for the world.


How it started

Mikkel worked in San Francisco in the late 90s. Here, he met the the newly started Scharffenberger Chocolate, and Mikkel's interest in chocolate began to grow.

Through his collaboration with Scharffenberger chocolate, Mikkel got in contact with a major cacao project in Nicaragua in 2007. Danida, a Danish government sponsored development organization, supported the idea that farmers should grow high-quality cacao in order to improve the farmers' income. 

Mikkel started a close cooperation with the local farmers involved in the Danida project, and even today the cacao beans from the Nicaraguan farmers are a core part of our business.


A chocolate factory in Denmark

The first years, from 2007 to 2013, were spent building knowledge and learning the craft. The chocolate was produced in collaboration with an old French chocolate factory in Rhone - Bonnat Chocolatier. But Mikkel wanted to make the whole product himself. From cacao bean to finished chocolate - from bean to bar. 

In 2014 Friis-Holm Chocolate A/S was founded with the help of small investors and the Danish Structural Bank “Vækstfonden”. The first Danish produced chocolate ran through the machines in 2015, and since then everything has been made at the factory right here in Denmark.

In 2023, the family behind Hansen Is (Hansen Ice cream) entered into ownership with Mikkel. And still today all our work is based on Mikkel's motto:

Best in the world, best for the world.