International Chocolate Awards

International Chocolate Awards

The International Chocolate Awards were founded in 2012 and are run by IICCT (International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting) with a group of independent international partners with years of experience in tasting and evaluating chocolate. 

The competitions are held in a growing number of countries and regions around the world in bean-to-bar and craft chocolatier rounds. 

Our Gold Medals 2023
In the 2023 World Championship, we won 7 gold medals: 

- Best Chocolate Maker
- Best Direct Traded
- Barba 70 % (in the category 'Plain/Origin Bars')
- Dark Milk 55 % (in the category 'Plain/Origin Milk Chocolate Bars')
- La Dalia 85 % (in the category 'High % Plain/Origin Dark Chocolate Bars')
- La Dalia 100 % (in the category 'High %')
- O'Payo 50 % Milk Liquorice (in the category 'Milk Chocolate Bars With Inclusions or Pieces')

Previous Gold Medals 
Through the years, we have won several World Championships with our chocolate. Here are list of our Gold Medal Winners through time:

Barba 70 %, VM Gold 2023
Chuno Triple Turned 70 %, VM Gold 2017
Dark Milk 55 %, VM Gold 2013, EM Gold 2021, VM Gold 2023
Dark Milk 65 %, VM Gold 2015, VM Gold 2017
Johe 70 %, EM Gold 2014
La Dalia 85 %, VM Gold 2015, VM Gold 2023
La Dalia 100 %, VM Gold 2021, VM Gold 2023
Madagascar Fast Dried 64 %, VM Gold 2022
Nicaliso 70 %, EM Gold 2018
O'Payo 50 %, VM Gold 2018, VM Gold 2019, VM Gold 2020/2021
O'Payo 68 %, VM Gold 2016, EM Gold 2023
O'Payo Milk Liquorice, EM Gold 2020, VM Gold 2023
O'Payo Milk Sansho, VM Gold 2019, VM Gold 2021


Why we participate
Friis-Holm is a regular competitor at the International Chocolate Awards. We participate specifically at these competitions for several reasons.

The International Chocolate Awards is the only fully independent international competition. At the same time, the competitions explicitly aim to encourage and promote a high-quality fine chocolate production globally. They further aim at supporting the growers who farm and care for the high-quality cacao beans.

It is part of our DNA to play a role in the development of chocolate quality as well as the global demand for better quality chocolate. And it is crucial that this development happens through a positive interplay with the cacao production itself. This is why we participate in the competitions. And this is why we are particularly proud to have won several gold medals at the International Chocolate Awards.